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Drill - Underground Construction

Woods Construction began using HDD technology since its demand and popularity surfaced 20 years ago. Constant updates in equipment and technology have allowed for growth in the trenchless construction industry through the most difficult times.

Horizontal directional drilling was used by the oil industry as early as the 1920s, but it wasn't until the early 1990s that it became the standard for utility installation. HDD technology has enabled pipelines and conduits to be installed under highways and rivers that would otherwise be too expensive, difficult, or destructive to the surrounding area. Also, HDD has proven to be environmentally friendly with minimal disruption to the community.

Since 1994, Woods Construction has installed hundreds of miles of pipe, providing natural gas to thousands of homes and businesses. Regardless of your situationhard rock, logistics, distance, or difficult circumstances, like dense populations, roadways, lakes, and riversWoods Construction delivers affordable and effective solutions fast.

Contact us in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for state-of-the-art underground construction services.